We welcome you to next generation banking.


A new secure and integrated access point to the financial world is now possible. OMP Money closes the gap between the digital asset world and traditional banks by providing new standards in safety, performance and transparency. Secure, trade and manage all your currencies, digital assets and conventional securities in one place. OMP Money wants to inspire confidence and empower people to operate in a combined economy for digital and traditional assets. We provide our clients with secure and vertically integrated services covering the entire life cycle of a financial product.


Experienced and visionary Leadership

The OMP company staff is dominated by prominent entrepreneurs and figures in the management sector who hold international caliber in the financial world. Furthermore, OMP’s vision also unites a team of cyber security experts who are capable of securing all protocols and transactions within the OMP system.


OMP Money was created to stay in touch with its users and support the entire community in simplifying the management of its e-banking portfolio. Whilst providing 4 of the major services required in the market, OMP Money has secured and simplified the banking system.









The daily underlying goal is to make OMP Money an e-banking platform that optimizes its performance level in terms of security and functionality to support its community with innovative tools which are constantly updated.

OMP Money aims to privide a facilitating tool for its entire community in managing their funds in various Fiat and Crypto portfolios.

OMP Money operates on the basis of a code of ethics which provides total transparency to its users, a service with no hidden fees and constant updates for a simple and intuitive operation, providing the best e-banking services in the market.